Liliana lives her life on the edge daily. She's a mother of three, sometimes four when Trista is having one of her video game days. She's a California native with roots in the Azores, the chain of nine islands owned by Portugal. 

She grew up on a dairy, milking cows, and playing with the kittens that liked to run around there. Because what cat WOULDN'T want an endless supply of milk? To this day, she still loves kitties, and has two, Joxer and Willow, who like to get into mischief around the house.

When she's not playing mom's taxi service and running tiny humans to football or soccer practice, she's busy at home, making handcrafted bracelets and keychains for folks that love Xena or other bits of geek goodness as much as she does! She even customizes them to whatever the purchaser wants.

She's been watching the warrior princess and bard since they graced the airwaves in the 90s, and is still a hardcore Xenite until the end! She tries extremely hard to keep Trista focused during the Babbling Bards podcast, keeping up with pacing and step by step walkthrough of each episode, but let's face it. Xena's too exciting not to fly off on tangents every now and again!

FAVORITE EPISODE(S): The Bitter Suite< The Greater Good

LEAST FAVORITE EPISODE: Married With Fishsticks< not a fan of the Horde episodes



FAVORITE QUOTE: "I have many skills" -Xena